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About the Mingus Project

The specific objectives and purposes of The Mingus Project (also known as Santa Cruz Advocates for the Arts) shall be to establish a partnership with the community, businesses, schools, universities, nonprofit organizations, for-profit organizations,  and governmental entities to improve the quality of life within the community and to provide life-long learning in the arts for all people engaged in its programs. Santa Cruz Advocates for the Arts strives:

  • To promote the visual and performing arts in the Santa Cruz Valley through school presentations, public exhibitions, concerts, and festivals

  • To provide an organization to keep the uniquely American art form of jazz alive and well in today's society

  • To educate students and adults of the great artists who have emerged from the Santa Cruz valley

  • To sponsor the bi-national Charles Mingus Hometown Jazz Festival

  • To bring jazz music into the schools, provide education in jazz, create interest in jazz, and teach young people about the history of American music

  • To provide local students opportunities to perform music and display their art

  • To encourage local musicians and artists to display their artistry through public events

We recognize that arts education enhances student academic achievement, increases self-esteem, and actively engages students in learning. Therefore, an important Santa Cruz Advocates for the Arts goal is to provide children accessibility to the arts through fine arts education.

SCAA (The Mingus Project) is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. All gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Click here to Donate.

Sharon Urman


Ken Tittelbaugh

Vice Chair

Manny Huerta


Bob Lineiro


Evan Kory

Enrique "Kiki" Rodriguez

Alex Aguirre

Tony Belletti

Beto Moreno

Charlie Rodriguez

Board Members

Bob Feinman

Samuel Saunders

Alan Hershowitz

Board Members At-Large

Better Get It In Your Soul
Drawing by James "Sonny" Peters

The Mingus Project
Santa Cruz Advocates for the Arts
P.O. Box 2017
Nogales, AZ 85628

Phone: (520) 287-3685 (Nogales - Santa Cruz County Chamber of Commerce)

(In memoriam, Yvonne Ervin)

Board of Directors


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